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Easy to Use
With Stamp PDF you can apply watermarks, pictures, copyright notices, page numbers, disclaimers, etc. to your documents. You can add stamps to a single page or to the whole document. You can specify the exact location for your stamps and images using drag and drop. Just select or drag the file you want to stamp / insert the image, select the image and choose the location.
Easy to Use
All processing is done by robots, so no one has access to the content of your files except you.
The files are temporarily stored on our servers for a very short period. This way all the processing is done on our servers leaving your device available for other operations.
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Stamp Pdf is free and can use it whenever you want.
Stamp PDF is one of the few services that you can find to freely insert an image into PDF either online or offline (installing applications)
If you want to help support the development and hosting of our servers consider making a donation.
No need for expensive software
Stamp PDF service is provided online. There is no need to download and install software.
Being online you preserve your computer capacity to other operations and avoid the virus risk
You just need a web browser and internet connectivity.
With What
Multi browser and device support
Stamp Pdf Tool workswith major Internet Browsers like Chrome, IE9+ Firefox, Opera and Safari.
We support virtually all Operating systems and devices like pcs, tablets and smartphones.

Check out this video to see how easy is to Stamp or Add a Image to PDF:

Available and free for Everyone.

And the best of all... It's Free!

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