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Easy to Use
Merge PDF lets you merge or combine your PDF files. It's a simple 3 steps process:
  • 1. Select or Drag your files
  • 2. Reorder the files for merge
  • 3. Download your merged file
Join PDF files is very easy and flexible and allows you to combine multiple pdf's into one single file.
This process is anonymous, you do not need to register or even specify your mail.
Easy to Use
Your files content are private and secure with us.
We do not archive files and they are never seen by a humam.
We hold the files up to one day, but afterwards they are deleted from server by an automated process. Please visit Privacy Policy
We are making all efforts to keep PDF Tools Online free.
However if you want to help maintain the platform you can donate some money.

We would appreciate it!
No need for expensive software
All this services are provided online. You don't need to download and install any software.
With our online services, the pdf merge operation is done on our services preserving your computer capacity to other operations.
It does not matter your device memory, CPU or disk capacity.
You only need access to a web browser and internet connectivity.
With What
Multi browser and device support
Merge Pdf Tool is responsive and work with major Internet Browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and Operating Systems:
  • Mac
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

We are also proud to support all devices and screen sizes like smartphones and tablets.

Check out this video to see how easy Merge PDF is:

PDF Tools Online is for Everyone.

And the best of all... It's Free!

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